Our Story

We began this warframe clan as a ghost two years ago with a group of 4 individuals without a clan. Our founders were RoseDestiny, FerrousWolf, Gbonk, Papersuit. It was fate how we actually met. We started as pug group for a mission and began playing together for a couple days. Then, we decided to say -“Hey, Let’s create an amazing clan”. So, we did. We created a community of gamers where we were able to meet like-minded individuals where we build new relationships and establish stronger bonds. There were definitely some up-downs on developing the clan but we did our best to solve any issue that came our way. We can safely say “We definitely came a long way. It started with 4 and now we have over 1000+.”

Royal Destiny is on a mission. As of today, we have three clans Royal Destiny, Royal Destiny Academy, and Royal Destiny Elite. All of our Clans strive for growth and prosperity by bringing the community together.

We’re all over the globe. Most of our players are based in: USA, CAN, AUS, UK

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Our Rules

1. No spamming/Flooding chat

2. No flaming (joking around is okay, but don’t go too far)

3. No hate speech i.e: racism, sexism etc towards other users

4. Be kind to one another 🙂

Just to let you know, we want our clan to be extremely active. Therefore, we have a 10-day inactivity policy. However, if you plan to go on a break or vacation, please notify us on our steam page or stay connected with us on discord. We definitely want you to come back to us!

Keep in mind, we will try to invite you to our clan within 48 hours. Please bare with use for the time being. Also, make sure to leave your previous clan.