Mot Suffering!

We all know Mot, farming Argon Crystals or trying to see how long you can survive. Most of us are pretty familiar with the map. So we’re gonna make things difficult. We’ll be picking your load outs, including your dragon keys.

:trophy: THE PRIZES:trophy:

:first_place: First Place : 100 :plat: Platinum
:second_place: Second Place : 75 :plat: Platinum
:third_place: Third Place : 50 :plat: Platinum

:large_orange_diamond: THE RULES :large_orange_diamond:

  • You will be given a selection of load outs, choose a different one for each party member.
  • You may use any mods and arcanes you prefer. No companions or ANY items.
  • No doubling up on load outs or mixing them around, you will use them as they are listed below.
  • Prime variants may be used for Frames only.
  • Event must be completed with a full squad of alliance or clan members.
  • After you have completed your run, we will need an end of mission screenshot from each of you for proof of load outs.
  • Multiple runs are allowed. Upload required SS for each party member after each run. The squad you do your first run with will be the squad you do EVERY run with. Subsequent runs with random fill ins will not be counted.
  • The 3 highest scoring squads by weekly reset will claim the plat!


The event will run for exactly 1 week.

Very best of luck Tenno :EvilBlob:

Soma- Super Crit Weapon (*REDUX*) A-

PrimeSoma (1)

Soma, or Soma Prime, is one of the top tier critical weapons in the game. This baby may have low damage status but its Critical Chance say so otherwise. Both Soma and Soma Prime has similar Damage, Critical chance/damage, reload speed and accuracy, but what makes make a huge different between the Prime and Non Prime Soma is the status and ammo economy. In my old review I mentioned that the damage for the weapon was very poor, but after discovering the power of Critical Chance and Damage this weapon can kill high level enemies with the following builds below. Now here are some Pros and Cons of this weapon:


  • Both Weapons have good Critical Chance
  • Both weapons are easy to obtain at Mastery Rank 6 for Non Primed Soma and Mastery Rank 7 for Soma Prime
  • Has the highest Critical Damage along with Attica, Rubico and Baza.
  • Has the 3rd highest fire rate, meaning this puppy is like a machine gun.


  • Poor Ammo Economy, whereas the weapon can easily ran out of ammo quickly if you are having problems finding rifle ammo pickups drooped by fallen enemies.
  • Has a low riven disposition which has a negative impact on the weapon itself
  • Reload time of 3.0 seconds, whereas you could immediately killed by a Bombard within 3 seconds
  • Low status chance, so don’t bother put any elemental damage mods in your soma builds.



*Note: the following mods were not maxed rank due to the fact that I cannot upgrade the mods in the simulacrum*

Argon Scope Soma

This build requires Hunters Munitions, Argon Scope, Damage mods and Critical Chance/ Damage mods. However, due to poor ammo economy the weapon has its optional to put Rifle Ammo Mutation mods or replace it with Shred, +30% Fire Rate and 1.2 Punch through.


No Argon Scope.PNG

Same build as before, but with no Argon Scope. Its optional to put Vigilante Armaments or Ammo Drum to increase mod capacity  of the weapon.


Rose Alliance Solo Spy Event

How sneaky are you? Are you that one player in the squad who afk’s and waits for others to complete the spy mission, or are you the one who solo hacks all 3 vaults? Show us your inner Ninja, Tenno, and put your spy skills to the test! The goal of the event is to complete 4 spy missions, Grineer, Corpus, Lua and Kuva tile sets which all need to be completed in as little time as possible!

:large_orange_diamond: THE PRIZES: :large_orange_diamond:
:first_place:First Place: 500p
:second_place:Second Place: 300p
:third_place:Third Place: 200p

:large_orange_diamond: TO PARTICIPATE: :large_orange_diamond:

  • Complete the parkour course in your dojo. The top 10 people in each clan will be allowed to participate.
  • Once those people are announced, hunt down a judge in Discord, they will then time you on each 4 spy missions.
  • The judge’s names will be given to you. Please be mindful of the judges and do not harass them, be patient you will get your turn.

:large_orange_diamond: THE RULES: :large_orange_diamond:

  • This event will be done with two people, the competitor and one of the assigned judges.
  • Once you and the judge have spawned in, the judge will then commit seppuku, this is to watch and make sure you are following the rules.
  • The judge will then countdown and start the timer, you will need to complete each of the 4 tile sets in the fastest time possible. Each time will be added up as a total.
  • You will have 3 attempts on each faction as to prevent people getting better tile sets than others.
  • This event can only be done with the Excalibur frame only! No Waframe or any other abilities will be allowed.! And no Companions of any kind.
  • You may use weapons but keep in mind it’s very counter-intuitive, so do so with discretion.

The event trials will run from March 5th ending March 12th.
The even itself will run from March 12th ending March 19th.

Get ready Tenno and enjoy!

Headed For Glory


Plains of Eidolon has come and dropped some awesome sniper buffs. Think you’ve got the aim? Come out and show Royal Destiny what you are made of. Exhibit your marksmanship with your favorite sniper rifle and win prizes as well as bragging rights for your sniping skills!:dart:

:trophy: Grineer 1st Place 400 :plat: and Lanka Riven

:trophy: Corpus 1st Place 400 :plat: and Vulkar Riven

:trophy: Infested 1st Place 500 :plat: and Vectis Riven

:trophy: All runner ups will get 100 :plat:

This is a 15 wave, sniper only, defense event. The competitor with the highest headshot to kill ratio out of the entire alliance’s entries on their chosen faction wins. 15 % damage is required for your entry to qualify. Full squad preferred and no solo allowed.

There will be at least 1 runner up per faction. The more entries we get the more runner up prizes will be awarded!


Grineer::small_blue_diamond:MR 0-8 Ceres, Casta:small_blue_diamond:MR 9+ Sedna, Hydron:small_blue_diamond:

Corpus::small_blue_diamond:MR 0-8 Phobos, Gulliver:small_blue_diamond:MR 9+ Pluto, Outer Terminus:small_blue_diamond:

Infested::small_blue_diamond:MR 0-8 Mars, Kadesh:small_blue_diamond:MR 9+ Eris, Akkad:small_blue_diamond:

This event will end by Saturday, October 28 at Midnight UTC / 8PM EST.

This event is a battle of skill; it is not about making it easy for your friend. Challenge your friends and make them prove they have what it takes to be a Prime Royal Destiny Sniper!

Contest rules and submissions: The following rules only apply to competing snipers.

:small_blue_diamond:Full squads are preferred (though you’re competing against the alliance).
:small_blue_diamond:Ivara, Limbo and Titania are banned.
:small_blue_diamond:Must have secondary, melee and companions unequipped.
:small_blue_diamond:Squads can be made up of any MR. The qualifying sniper’s MR determines the map  used.
:small_blue_diamond:Only 1 submission per person. Pick your faction wisely!


Participants should enter 2 screenshots to @The Prime Eyva, @boltz, or @Eyva’s Secretary.
:small_blue_diamond: Pause screen that shows the loadouts of frames in the mission.

:small_blue_diamond: Mission reward screen (percent damage, total kills and headshot kills).

If squads are formed to help boost your score you will be asked to make another submission.

Submissions will be tallied and winners will be announced within 72h of the end of the event.

A very warm heartfelt thanks to our event organizers who put endless time and effort to bring forth this event.

:small_blue_diamond: Eyva
:small_blue_diamond: boltzmannbrain
:small_blue_diamond: Shifty9
And many others who helped playtest for the event

A very warm thank you to Broadax for funding and boltzmannbrain for donating to this event.

Leave a comment below in the comments section to share your thoughts 😀

The Second Dream

By: Lerest


The Second Dream is part of the main quest line for Warframe and comes directly after Natah. Now a recap of Natah, Tyl Regor and ourselves release the sentient Hunhow from his sleep and we figure out that the Lotus is Hunhow’s daughter, therefore Lotus is a sentient. Early on in the quest you are forced to team up with your good friend, Alad V.  Alad V helps you find a fragment of Hunhow which is actually a trap Hunhow had place to find the Reservoir.

You are then sent to stop the Stalker (Hunhow’s new buddy/surrogate) from entering the void and thus the Reservoir. Upon reaching your portal to the void you are greeted by your first sentient, a Conculyst. You will have a hard time defeating the Conculyst because it can adapt to your damage. So when you finally do make it past the Stalker has already entered the void. The Lotus tells you that you must remove the Reservoir from the void and your first task is turning on the void compass.

When you try to turn it on you will be attacked by a decked out Stalker. You might think, oh, this is just like the regular Stalker, pretty easy to kill. No, not at all. This version of Stalker is in his Hunhow gear so now he can adapt to your damage like all sentients. Once you have that done you must defeat the security eye by making it shoot the glowy void pillars releasing the pendulum. You will then, after following the way points find the moon and the Reservoir within. The Lotus will remove the moon from the void to stop the Stalker from entering it.

The moon(Lua) is now available to enter. You will enter the Reservoir and here old voices of Marguilis and Ballas. Then you will come to a room in which a cut scene will happen. Pods will come out and one pod will move forward in it a small body will flop to the ground and you will lose vision in your warframe.

The small person will then move to the warframe activating it. You are the small person and the small person is known as the operator. You will have to escape Lua with your warframe and evade the sentients that try to stop you.

Once you make it into your orbiter you will go into the center back room. You will go up against the Stalker while you try to charge the Transference Device. When it is charged another cutscene will happen where you finally beat the Stalker, Lotus appears to put you in the device and talk to you about where you and your void powers originate. You will be prompted to join one of five tenno schools. These schools are, Madurai, Vazarin, Unairu, Naramon, and Zenurik.

You have now completed the Second Dream.

Don’t forget to share your experience about The Second Dream quest in the comment’s section below. Have fun!