Astilla: The Glass Canon

Written By boltzmannbrain

Overall Rank: A-


Warframe’s sleek new weapon, the Astilla, is the latest addition to the slowly expanding list of shotguns that look as stellar as they perform (not you, Vaykor Hek). Its elegant glass textures and metallic channels make this weapon a fantastic stylistic choice, if fashionframe is your true endgame, but its complementary stats hint at a powerhouse that can clear the starchart with ease. Much like the Arca Plasmor, the Astilla also fires slugs instead of the traditional shotgun pellets sported by Warframe’s other shotguns. Its base status chance is nothing to scoff at, allowing for consistent status procs when modded correctly. Throw in some critical chance mods and you’ll have a solid hybrid build that lets you strip armor with relative ease, while also providing the necessary critical dps to take down even the heaviest armored units in a matter of seconds.

Mechanics and Build Discussion:

Status Chance:

The Astilla fires slug projectiles with average travel time and a slight drop, that explode on impact, causing damage in a small 2-3 meter radius around the initial impact location. Its IPS distribution of 70 impact, 42 puncture and 78 slash allows for consistent slash procs (if you want to mod for them), which will satisfy even the most demanding slash+viral enthusiasts. Sporting a 33% status chance at base value, this weapon clearly supports a status build. The weapon’s mechanics become significantly more confusing when it comes to its critical chance. A large part of the debate online revolving how to mod this weapon boils down to whether or not the weapon’s mechanics can support a critical build or not.

Critical Chance:

The Astilla’s base critical chance lies at a measly 17%, which under normal circumstances means that it would be completely futile to mod for critical chance and critical damage. However, the Astilla has two instances of damage (the impact of the slug and the small AOE that follows it), both of which can crit, meaning a hybrid build allows for consistent crits, since the probability for critical chance isn’t reflected in the arsenal’s listed value. When paired with an armor stripping build, the Astilla melts through enemies.

To Blaze or Not To Blaze?

Blaze is one of the more popular shotgun mods since it adds significant overall damage. Blaze, however, has the negative side-effect of biasing the weapon towards heat procs (or blast, radiation, gas), none of which are desirable. While heat, blast and radiation have great crowd control capabilities, the Astilla features a forced impact proc every time the slug hits an enemy, meaning you get a lot more mileage for biasing status in favor of corrosive or viral. Blaze can, however, be used in a no-forma budget build which can clear low-level enemies without hassle.



  • Forced impact procs with every shattered slug.
  • Great base status chance, allows for a near 100% status chance build.
  • High magazine capacity with a decent fire rate.
  • Great IPS distribution, offers consistent slash procs.
  • Looks real damn good, just build it already.


  • Slight projectile drop at high range.
  • Damage falloff at 40 meters.
  • Enemies need to be hit by both the slug and the AOE to receive the full damage of the weapon, meaning accuracy affects performance.
  • The AOE happens on the semi-circle in front of the target, meaning no enemies behind the target will receive AOE damage.


Astilla Builds:

  • Budget (0 Forma, Catalyst only):image2An easy to put together build, with only farmable mods. We use Contagious Spread to bias the status chance in favor of corrosive and counterweigh the effect of Blaze + Chilling Reload, thus ensuring we’ll always be getting more Corrosive procs than Blast ones. Very good for most Warframe content.
  • Hybrid Build (3 Forma)image1The ideal endgame build for the Astilla, allowing it to be brought comfortably into Sortie 3 level Grineer missions. We focus solely on Corrosive damage, thus making this weapon a true armor shredder. Once the Corrosive procs kick in (which happens in a matter of seconds), the critical build does short work of even the heaviest of units
  • [Gif link of example – lvl 100 Corrupted Heavy Bombard against the Hybrid Build.]

Stats at a Glance

Mastery Level 7
Magazine Size 16 rounds per mag
Max Ammo None
Reload Time 2.0s
Disposition Rank  4/5
Normal Attacks
Crit Chance 17.00%
Crit Multiplier 1.9x
Status Chance 33.00%
Impact 70
Puncture 42
Slash 78

Silva and Aegis Prime – A Warrior’s Choice

By : CatfishGG

Overall Rating: A


Silva and Aegis Prime is one of the best high tier melee weapons in the game. The stance that is used for this weapon, Final Harbinger, is likewise one of the strongest in the game and in addition is extremely mobile. This weapon has insane boosts compared to its normal counterpart–higher base damage ( 120.0 vs. 35.0), higher critical chance (15.0vs. 5.0%), higher critical damage (2.0x vs. 1.5x), higher status chance (25.0% vs. 20.0%), higher block percentage (90% vs. 85%), and two [D]’s + one [V] polarity.


  •         Very high base damage.
  •         Hybrid mod setup viable(highest scaling setups).
  •         3 inbuilt polarities including a [V] polarity.
  •         Excellent critical chance, critical multiplier and status chance.
  •         Scales into late game very easily.

·         Good riven disposition(3/5).

Cons :

  •         Low attack speed (0.75).
  •         High mastery level needed (12).

I highly recommend the Silva and Aegis Prime. It has high critical chance making it Blood Rush critical build viable and its high status chance makes Condition Overload viable as well. Since both its status and critical chances are high, it can also function as a hybrid weapon, letting it scale even further than a straight critical or straight status weapon.

Suggested build for crit:


Primed Pressure Point for the damage, Berserker for the attack speed, Blood rush for the crit chance increase on combo counter,  Drifting Contact for the bonus status chance + combo counter, Primed reach for the extra reach, Organ shatter for the crit damage and 2x 60/60 elemental mods.

Suggested build for status:


Primed Pressure Point for the damage, Fury for the attack speed, Weeping Wounds for the 100% status chance mark with the combo counter, Primed Reach for the extra reach, Drifting Contact for the combo counter + additional status chance, Condition Overload for massive amounts of damage increase and 2x 60/60 elemental mods.

Suggested build for hybrid:


Primed Pressure Point for the damage, Berserker for the attack speed, Blood Rush for the Crit chance increase on combo counter, Drifting Contact for the combo counter + extra status chance, Organ Shatter for the critical damage and 2x 60/60 elemental mods.


For the critical build and the status build, Primed Pressure Point can be replaced with normal Pressure Point. For the critical build you can replace the Primed Reach for a Fury and in the status build, you can replace it for a 90% elemental mod for more damage or even a Berserker (though the chance of getting the max 75% boost on attack speed will be low).

Stats at a glance:


Mastery Rank 12
Weapon type Melee; Sword & Shield
Attack Speed 0.75

Normal Attacks

Total Damage 120, Fire Element
Critical Chance 15%
Critical Multiplier 2.0x
Status Chance 25%


Augments Avenging Truth
Polarities 2x Vazarin (D) and 1x Madurai (V)
Stance Polarity Madurai (V)

Arca Sisco: A Hybrid Powerhouse

by boltzmannbrain

Overall Grade: A

Arca Scisco

The Arca Sisco, the pocket pistol that accompanies the large-and-in-charge Arca Plasmor and Arca Titron in the Arca bundle, is the least visually eye-grabbing of the three. But its small size belies a deadly sniper pistol with the supplemental stats for a lethal hybrid build that can proc status reliably while offering consistent critical hits.


The Arca Sisco comes with a unique mechanic, Target Analysis. Every successive hit on an enemy offers an additional flat +4% bonus in status and critical chance, which stacks up to 5 times for 20% respectively. When no additional hits are present, the weapon’s stacks decay at a rate of one every 2 seconds, allowing you to easily keep Target Analysis at high stacks rather than having to restack it from 0 every time it decays. Every additional hit from multishot also counts as an additional hit, which means with the reliable 180% multishot from Lethal Torrent and Barrel Diffusion (which guarantees almost always three shots as opposed to one), you can fully stack Target Analysis in just two shots.


  • Good base critical chance
  • Great base status chance
  • 20% flat increase in critical chance and status chance offers a significant ramp-up to the damage output of this weapon
  • Excellent fire rate, which synergizes with high status chance to offer superior armor stripping capabilities.
  • Decent hip fire accuracy as opposed to other sniper weapons in-game
  • Player does not get penalized for not using zoom, as it offers no bonuses.


  • No impact damage at base, requires alternate modding to be as effective against shields (and Corpus).
  • Accuracy improves slightly with zoom, penalizing players who prefer hip fire combat.

Arca Scisco Builds:

  • Budget (0 forma, catalyst only):


A very decent budget build. This weapon’s fantastic stats mean that it can already perform really well with these mods and no forma. Mod for corrosive to get through armor of tougher units.

  • Corrosive Build (4 forma):


The standard high-end corrosive build is used here. Note that we do not need both dual stat elementals for corrosive, as with only one of them and multishot (since this is a high-fire rate pistol we can utilize post-multishot status chance in our calculations) the arca sisco reaches almost 80% status. This in addition to the 20% flat status chance from Target Analysis lets us proc status on almost every shot.

Stats At A Glance:

Mastery Level 10
Magazine Size 36 rounds per mag
Max Ammo 288 rounds
Reload Time 2.2s
Disposition Rank  3/5
Normal Attacks
Crit Chance 18.00%
Crit Multiplier 1.6x
Status Chance 26.00%
Puncture 36
Slash 24

Arca Plasmor – Incredible

by RoseDestiny




This weapon is just plain deadly. It has spectacular mob control, amazing crit chance, high status chance and innate radiation; it is already stacked with stats beyond belief. As of right now, it stands as by far one of the greatest weapons in game. To top it off, it even has a level 3 disposition on riven mods. This is just plain overkill.


It looks like weapon that would be on character (soldier 76) on overwatch at first glance. However, it is definitely a good looking weapon as compared to most of the shotguns in warframe.


  • High Crit Chance
  • High Status Chance
  • Innate Radiation
  • Fifth highest base damage


  • Long reload time (can be easily made up for with chilling reload)
  • It is a shotgun; not made for distance kills
  • Low fire rate


Arca Plasmor Build

Here are some builds you can definitely try out. It is definitely a weapon made for amazing elemental damage. You can build it to have corrosive, blast, viral, magnetic.  It’ll still be an amazing weapon. These builds are also heavily equipped with crit mods.

1 Forma:

3 Forma:

4 Forma:

4 Forma + Riven Mod

Stats at a Glance

Mastery Level 10
Magazine Size 6 rounds per mag
Max Ammo 48 rounds
Reload Time 2.8s
Disposition Rank  3/5
Normal Attacks
Elemental Type Radiation
Elemental Dmg 600
Crit Chance 22.00%
Crit Multiplier 1.6x
Status Chance 28.00%

Orthos Prime – This Old Weapon is Still Good!

By : Prince_Husky


Overall Rating : A


Orthos Prime is a polearm weapon that comes in Update 9.0. A very old weapon that is still exist and still farmable to this day. This weapon comes with a MR 2 required to be claimed and equipped, a total damage of 85, = stance polarity (perfect for shimmering blight), 10% crit chance and 15% status. A very decent stats of a melee weapon.


What makes this weapon special is its range. With Primed Reach equipped, you can reach out to 9m range. That’s insane!. This weapon also have 1.17 attack speed so fury/primed is not really needed, also the slide attack damage is insane either!, Making this weapon is the best almost all faction you are facing! Either Orokin, Grineer, Corpus or Infested they are wrecked in seconds.


What about end game? Since this weapon comes with 15% status chance and 10% crit chance, its really difficult to go among 200++ level enemies, 100 level is still good but I don’t really recommend to go for long survival. Though some frames are able to go beyond that with orthos, these frames are :

  1. RhinoOrthose Prime Rhino
  2. HarrowOrthos Prime Harrow
  3. BansheeOrthos Prime Banshee
  4. Ash (Seeking Shuriken)Orthos Prime Ashe


Pros :

  1. Good for daily missions
  2. Fast Attack speed
  3. No problem on most enemies under 100 level

Cons :

  1. Not good for end game
  2. Crit not always showed up unless combo counter is over 3x


Build :

The build that im currently using : (3 Forma, All V)

For endgame, I like viral better than most elements, but still you guys can choose anything you would like.

Orthos Prime Build

Q : Why no Maiming Strike?

A : You can replace Drifting Contact/Organ Shatter for that. But really are you gonna slide attack for an hour? Unless youre born to do that


So, is this Worth?

Absolutely, I’m still using this as my daily 20 mins of fissure and it had no problem at all.

Stats at glance :

Mastery Level 2
Attack Speed 1.17
Channeling Cost 5
Slide Attack 144
Disposition Rank  1/5
Normal Attacks
Crit Chance 10.00%
Crit Multiplier 2.0x
Status Chance 15.00%
Impact 9.8
Puncture 9.8
Slash 45.5