Astilla: The Glass Canon

Written By boltzmannbrain

Overall Rank: A-


Warframe’s sleek new weapon, the Astilla, is the latest addition to the slowly expanding list of shotguns that look as stellar as they perform (not you, Vaykor Hek). Its elegant glass textures and metallic channels make this weapon a fantastic stylistic choice, if fashionframe is your true endgame, but its complementary stats hint at a powerhouse that can clear the starchart with ease. Much like the Arca Plasmor, the Astilla also fires slugs instead of the traditional shotgun pellets sported by Warframe’s other shotguns. Its base status chance is nothing to scoff at, allowing for consistent status procs when modded correctly. Throw in some critical chance mods and you’ll have a solid hybrid build that lets you strip armor with relative ease, while also providing the necessary critical dps to take down even the heaviest armored units in a matter of seconds.

Mechanics and Build Discussion:

Status Chance:

The Astilla fires slug projectiles with average travel time and a slight drop, that explode on impact, causing damage in a small 2-3 meter radius around the initial impact location. Its IPS distribution of 70 impact, 42 puncture and 78 slash allows for consistent slash procs (if you want to mod for them), which will satisfy even the most demanding slash+viral enthusiasts. Sporting a 33% status chance at base value, this weapon clearly supports a status build. The weapon’s mechanics become significantly more confusing when it comes to its critical chance. A large part of the debate online revolving how to mod this weapon boils down to whether or not the weapon’s mechanics can support a critical build or not.

Critical Chance:

The Astilla’s base critical chance lies at a measly 17%, which under normal circumstances means that it would be completely futile to mod for critical chance and critical damage. However, the Astilla has two instances of damage (the impact of the slug and the small AOE that follows it), both of which can crit, meaning a hybrid build allows for consistent crits, since the probability for critical chance isn’t reflected in the arsenal’s listed value. When paired with an armor stripping build, the Astilla melts through enemies.

To Blaze or Not To Blaze?

Blaze is one of the more popular shotgun mods since it adds significant overall damage. Blaze, however, has the negative side-effect of biasing the weapon towards heat procs (or blast, radiation, gas), none of which are desirable. While heat, blast and radiation have great crowd control capabilities, the Astilla features a forced impact proc every time the slug hits an enemy, meaning you get a lot more mileage for biasing status in favor of corrosive or viral. Blaze can, however, be used in a no-forma budget build which can clear low-level enemies without hassle.



  • Forced impact procs with every shattered slug.
  • Great base status chance, allows for a near 100% status chance build.
  • High magazine capacity with a decent fire rate.
  • Great IPS distribution, offers consistent slash procs.
  • Looks real damn good, just build it already.


  • Slight projectile drop at high range.
  • Damage falloff at 40 meters.
  • Enemies need to be hit by both the slug and the AOE to receive the full damage of the weapon, meaning accuracy affects performance.
  • The AOE happens on the semi-circle in front of the target, meaning no enemies behind the target will receive AOE damage.


Astilla Builds:

  • Budget (0 Forma, Catalyst only):image2An easy to put together build, with only farmable mods. We use Contagious Spread to bias the status chance in favor of corrosive and counterweigh the effect of Blaze + Chilling Reload, thus ensuring we’ll always be getting more Corrosive procs than Blast ones. Very good for most Warframe content.
  • Hybrid Build (3 Forma)image1The ideal endgame build for the Astilla, allowing it to be brought comfortably into Sortie 3 level Grineer missions. We focus solely on Corrosive damage, thus making this weapon a true armor shredder. Once the Corrosive procs kick in (which happens in a matter of seconds), the critical build does short work of even the heaviest of units
  • [Gif link of example – lvl 100 Corrupted Heavy Bombard against the Hybrid Build.]

Stats at a Glance

Mastery Level 7
Magazine Size 16 rounds per mag
Max Ammo None
Reload Time 2.0s
Disposition Rank  4/5
Normal Attacks
Crit Chance 17.00%
Crit Multiplier 1.9x
Status Chance 33.00%
Impact 70
Puncture 42
Slash 78

Arca Plasmor – Incredible

by RoseDestiny




This weapon is just plain deadly. It has spectacular mob control, amazing crit chance, high status chance and innate radiation; it is already stacked with stats beyond belief. As of right now, it stands as by far one of the greatest weapons in game. To top it off, it even has a level 3 disposition on riven mods. This is just plain overkill.


It looks like weapon that would be on character (soldier 76) on overwatch at first glance. However, it is definitely a good looking weapon as compared to most of the shotguns in warframe.


  • High Crit Chance
  • High Status Chance
  • Innate Radiation
  • Fifth highest base damage


  • Long reload time (can be easily made up for with chilling reload)
  • It is a shotgun; not made for distance kills
  • Low fire rate


Arca Plasmor Build

Here are some builds you can definitely try out. It is definitely a weapon made for amazing elemental damage. You can build it to have corrosive, blast, viral, magnetic.  It’ll still be an amazing weapon. These builds are also heavily equipped with crit mods.

1 Forma:

3 Forma:

4 Forma:

4 Forma + Riven Mod

Stats at a Glance

Mastery Level 10
Magazine Size 6 rounds per mag
Max Ammo 48 rounds
Reload Time 2.8s
Disposition Rank  3/5
Normal Attacks
Elemental Type Radiation
Elemental Dmg 600
Crit Chance 22.00%
Crit Multiplier 1.6x
Status Chance 28.00%


Written By: Cruciatus2

Overall Grade: B+


The way I see it, the default Tigris gets overshadowed by its fancier, more buffed brothers, the Sancti and Prime variants, and for some obvious reasons. I’m going to give commentary on the value of Tigris for a player who never had the luxury of obtaining Primed or dual stat mods and fancy variants, as well as always having less than 700k credits. Basically, I’m taking this from the ‘poor man’ perspective.

Let’s start with obtaining the weapon.

Mastery Rank 4 is the required to have access for Tigris, obtainable from the liset market. I’d describe Mastery Rank 4 as the ‘Experience Borderline’ as it’s the level which most newer players have begun to mature.

That means that as these players navigate the star charts (or return to them, as is the case with returning players such as myself) they’ll need a weapon which can shred through enemies. Something with heft, something that can work against anything that gets thrown at them. Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Corrupted.

This is where Tigris comes in. The normal Tigris is rather inexpensive to create:

  • A total manufacturing cost of 65,000 (Blueprint and Building)
  • 3 Orokin Cells
  • 900 Circuits
  • 1,200 Salvage
  • 1,200 Rubedo

With a relatively small grind to obtain, this makes Tigris an easy weapon to obtain for MR4 and above.

Taking from experience, Tigris as a base weapon is a bit strange to wield. It’s a weapon that fires off two shots quickly, but has some reload time before the next burst. That doesn’t keep it from destroying most normal low-level enemies. Despite its lack in Impact and Puncture damage, it still manages to take out Corpus and Grineer with ease. Two shots and a tight spread means the enemy is getting hit by multiple pellets dealing pretty lethal damage. The second shot can be held for a second target, or used to finish off the first. It has a good status chance as well. This makes Tigris pretty good to use for picking off single targets.

But this is a shotgun. A weapon that should be able to do crowd control. Something to decimate multiple opponents.

This is where Tigris is rather disliked. It’s not actually a shotgun that acts like a shotgun. I’d describe it more as your everyday hand cannon, as it deals heavy damage to a single target. People who normally use shotguns with a looser spread see Tigris as a disadvantage in the field particularly because of that and the fact Tigris is a double-barrel with a weird firing mechanism. The fast that Tigris is a double-barrel shotgun also means reloading constantly. I should also mention that Tigris can sometimes be used like a sniper rifle. Yes, a shotgun that can hit targets over 100 meters away while preserving enough of its damage. It’s a strange utility, but this brings us into the next topic. Tigris isn’t a shotgun, and it’s definitely not an orthodox method of sniping. No, Tigris is a multi-tool.

The modding capabilities of Tigris make it a truly intimidating weapon. It can be modded for maximum Slash damage, various elementals, even range or spread. Mixing and matching these different components can create a weapon which destroys anything on any planet.

However, not every MR4-MR8 has a fully maxed Primed Point Blank and a variety of corrupted shotgun mods at their disposal. Some, like me, have only the normal mods and a limited selection of dual-stat mods. This doesn’t stop Tigris from being extremely effective at its primary job, decimating enemies across the star chart.

I use a build that prioritizes on making Tigris easier and more versatile to use. This means increasing reload speed, projectile acceleration, and utilizing 90% elementals to maximize damage.


For the aforementioned lower-mastery rank players, they might not have the rarer mods, which means they’d have to take a different approach. I’d take an educated guess and say maximizing on Slash damage, adding a few elementals, and using damage percentage mods like Point Blank. There’s also nightmare mode/alert mods like Blaze which would be very likely to be in possession by said players.

Lastly, I’ll cover the most important part of Warframe, of course. FASIONFRAME!

One advantage Tigris has in fashionframe is its inherent badassery. Flying into the field of battle with a double barrel shotgun is fearsome!


Overall, players who have to play ‘on a budget’ would find a weapon like Tigris to be an extremely useful tool. It’s a great mix of elements that takes a bit of getting used to, but can prove to be formidable even in some higher level missions. Definitely not mastery fodder, but if you’re a higher rank player, look for Tigris Prime!

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Stats At A Glance


Mastery Level 4
Weapon Type Shotgun, Primary
Trigger Type Duplex-Auto


Fire Rate 2 rounds/sec
Pellet Count 5 pellets/round
Magazine Size 2 rounds/mag
Reload Time 1.8 seconds

Normal Attacks

Impact 105
Puncture 105
Slash 840
Status Chance 25.0 %
Critical Chance 5.0 %
Critical Multiplier 2.0 x

Scourge, Status at its Finest

Overall Grade: B+


The Scourge is a status-based Tenno spear gun. It is a great gun for status, having a base chance of 30% combined with AOE, along with innate Corrosive, allowing it to be combined with either Radiation and Viral, or Gas and Magnetic. Alongside amazing status, the Scourge also has good base damage, making the main fire solid all around. The only real downside is that it fires projectiles, making it more difficult to hit enemies from long distances.

The Scourge also has an alt fire that can be useful. Upon impact, the Scourge affects all enemies in a large area with a bullet attracting effect in an area around their heads. Any bullets fired into the attractor will automatically redirect to their head, generally resulting in a headshot. This effect is much better for Corpus because it simply adjusts the bullet’s path, not accounting for anything in the way such as armor on Grineer. Overall useful but the main fire is generally more reliable.

If you want a great status gun, Scourge is a very good way to go!


  1. Easily reaches 100% status chance
  2. Pure corrosive base damage
  3. Decently sized aoe, allowing for lots of status and good clearing of groups
  4. Good damage
  5. Very ammo efficient


  1. Fires slow projectiles
  2. Slow reload
  3. Alt fire isn’t very good against grineer and infested due to their hitboxes


The Scourge is an extremely effective weapon with Saryn, especially if you have gas and magnetic, because of the aoe and high chance of gas procs.

Scourge Build

1 FORMA BUILD20170702193026_1

The elements on this build can be changed, but gas and magnetic performed the best in simulacrum tests against all factions, with radiation and viral being a close second.

Overall the scourge is a solid A, being one of the best status hoses, and having good damage, able to kill most enemies on the star chart in 1-2 shots.

Stats At A Glance


Mastery Level


Magazine Size

20 rounds/mag

Max Ammo

540 rounds

Reload Time

Normal Attacks

Elemental Type


Elemental Dmg


Crit Chance


Crit Multiplier


Status Chance

Impact 455





Attica – Silent but Deadly

written by MASODUEL2015


Overall Grade: A-


Attica is a crossbow and a assault rifle fused weapon that is very useful during mission that deals with stealth but it can be also be used for any kind of mission. The blueprint can be acquired at the Tenno Lab in the Dojo. Although the materials required to build is quite expensive, but you will get an impressive results. The weapon is silent but deadly which means killing undetected enemies is a breeze as the physical damage by default is powerful to take down enemies at unranked. As well the weapon can hold up to 540 of ammo and 20 magazines by default which can kill at least 5-8 enemies in a single round, if you are good at aiming. If you apply a maxed out damage based mod, it can do a good amount of damage to enemies that are level 50+. Here are some PROS and CONS about this weapon.


1. Disposition is very strong by default

2. Has the second highest Fire Rate under the bow category

3. The materials are cheap apart from Zughe crossbow

4. The weapon can handle a small crowd of enemies

5. It has the second highest fire rate


1. It has the slowest reload Time under the Bow category

2. Its impact and critical chance/multiplier are not as good as to the other bows


No Forma Build:


Stats At A Glance:

Mastery Level 0
Magazine Size 20 rounds/mag
Max Ammo  540 rounds
Reload Time  2.8s
Normal Attacks
Crit Chance 25.00%
Crit Multiplier 2.0x
Status Chance 10.00%
Impact 6.3
Puncture 93.8
Slash 25